System Introduction

MT-B Series is 30-300kVA Online HF double conversion topology.It adopts dual DSP controlled technology with modular parallel redundancy feature. System can parallel racks upto 4 racks. The system THDI≤5%,and system overall efficiency AC~AC upto 95%. Thus, MT-B Series can be defined as a high reliability and efficiency green power and suitable for medium to large data centers, precision equipment, and telecommunications industry.

System Features

High Performance Index
◆ 3/3 Phase double conversion online technology. Input 3 phase load balanced design.
◆ System adopts dual DSP controlled to enhance the overall reliability and keep low defective rate.
◆ 19 inch standard cabinet design to perfectly match equipment room working environment with 1.4 or 2 meter cabinet heights.
◆ Modular structural design. Each module is 30KVA. System can add from 1 to 10 modules. Maximum capacity 300KVA, user can be flexible to choose different capacity to match requirements. UPS modules can be hot-swappable to do online maintenance.
◆ High density module design. Each module is 3U. 1.4 meter height system cabinet can put maximum 5 modules with total 150VA.2 meter height system cabinet can put maximum 10 modules with total 300KVA.
◆ N+X Parallel Redundancy design. With X≥2 modules, UPS system reliable rate can be upto 99.9%,MTBF is upto 250K hours.
◆ Control module parallel redundancy. MT-B Series each module is independently controlled by own controlling systems. Any module failure will not be affecting the whole system. With hot-swappable technology, user can easily eliminate failed modules.
◆ Individual bypass design. Each module has built-in bypass breaker and bypass inductance to keep better system reliability.
◆ Share Common Battery Bank in parallel systems to reduce user initial battery investments.
◆ Flexible battery configuration (32-40 pieces selectable). User can choose customized configuration with 32/34/36/40 pieces.
◆ Charging current can be selectable. User can set battery capacity on the LCD panel to auto select the best charging rate for the batteries. Also various charging methods can be chose via front panel.
◆ Intelligent Charging Managements: Stage 1 with constant high charging current to reach 90% capacity. Stage 2 with constant voltage- flexible current charging to reach 99% battery capacity. Stage 3 will go to float charge. Charger will choose charging modes to activate battery lifetime and save battery investments.
◆ Big LCD touch screen (320*240 dot-matrix) display. Language can be chosen on the front screen. Rich operational information will be shown on the front screen such as all UPS parameters.
◆ Each module has additional LCD + LED display. User can simply check each module working status.
◆ Intelligent management system. User can choose SNMP adapter to remotely monitor UPS status.
◆ Standard Maintenance bypass feature. User does not need to pay extra for maintenance bypass.
◆ EPO equipped.

Safe and Reliable
◆ Parallel Redundancy Module Technology to increase system reliability;
◆ Online Hot-Swap feature to reduce system maintenance costs and comprehensively protects the Loads operations;
◆ MTBF is 1.5 times longer than traditional UPS systems;
◆ 90% of system components are from international famous brands. All devices has been aged and tested for24 hours.

Compatible applications/loads
MT-B Series is designed for small and medium important equipment/application systems, such as SME data exchange centers, communication equipment industry, and precision instruments.