DI Series UPS

System Introduction

This UPS is a full-digitized with European MCU controlled single phase input/single phase output or 3 phase input /single phase output online UPS. It provides reliable, stable, and constant AC power for computer equipment,telecommunication devices, precision equipment instrument, and network termination equipment (NTE). UPS systems protects all these devices from losing data or information due to power outage, interruption or disruption to truly and comprehensively solve power issues, such as power outage, power surge, voltage sags, temporary over-voltage, temporary under voltage, frequency offset,power disturbances, switching transients, and harmonic wave distortion.

System Features

High Performance Index
◆ Advanced SCR Rectifier and IGBT Inverter Technology. Online 1/1 or 3/1 double conversion structure.
◆ Adapt with output isolated transformer technology to fit 200、220、230、240Vac,50/60Hz Grid Systems;
◆ Wide Input Range from Single Phase 160-280Vac、3 Phase 286-475Vac ,50/60 Hz±5%,High Adaptive Capacity to Mains Grid
◆ High Overload Ability — surge current protection technology to carry sudden impact for 0% to 100% load immediately without
transfer to bypass
◆ Overall Efficiency 85%. 98% under ECO Mode
◆ Full-Digitized Non-master slave parallel redundancy technology. Parallel circumfluence ≤5%;
◆ Intelligent Charging Design. It equips with BAT low/over charged sensor to protect the charger. Real-time diagnosis on Battery
status and response data simultaneously
◆ Large Color Dot-matrix LCD+LED Screen with multi-functional keyboard to check system parameters, such as fault histories,
operational statuses self-diagnosis periodically discharge settings, etc.
◆ Battery Self-testing can be done on the LCD directly. Battery Capacity, UPS working mode (Online or ECO) can be set on the
screen. All history faults and statistics can be seen on the screen to help user analyze the working summary of the UPS.
◆ Monitoring can be done by WAN/LAN SNMP adapter or Cloud Monitoring Adapter. UPS equips with RS232, USB, EPO ports,
and can choose RS485 and Dry-contact as optional accessories.
◆ Front to Rear Ventilation Design to reduce the defective rate of the product.
◆ Smart Size.

Safe and Reliable
◆ MCU control to operate all power conversion sessions during the operations,
which has higher system reliability than traditional UPS systems.
◆ Output Isolated Transformer Built-in. It can reduce impacts and interferences from Load Harmonic Wave Current and N-Wire Voltage.
◆ Special Design on battery connectors to save the shock hazards from mis-operation;
◆ 90% of system components are from international brands. All devices has been aged and fully tested for at least 24 hours before
leaving the factory.

Rich Optional Accessories
The System can use SNMP Network Adapter, RS485/Dry Contact, USB port,and EPO function to build up a remote control and
monitoring system.

Technology Points
◆ MCU control provides higher system reliability than traditional UPS systems.
◆ Wide Input Voltage and Frequency Range.
◆ Non-Master Slave digital parallel redundancy feature.
◆ Advanced Battery Management system.
◆ High Overload Ability.
◆ Dot Matrix Color Screen for friendly and intuitive display.
◆ Online Double Conversion technology with output isolated transformer.
◆ Smart Size compared to the same size of the UPS in the market. All UPS equipped with wheels.

DI Series

DI Series

DI Series