As a key factor, overheating seriously affects the overall operating of IT. Cold and hot channel perfectly control heat perfectly control heat dissipation based on directional control the cold and hot channel in the cabinets. Greatly increase the quantity of the server, save operation cost and occupation.

Through the reasonable layout, overcome the mixing of cold and hot air, Waste reduction. To improve the efficiency of refrigerator with higher air temperature. The construction of the cold channel system includes the installation of sliding doors on both sides of the cold channel and sealing roof at the top. The cooling unit can be installed on the side of the server and refrigeration. The cold air come out from the front vented door and enter cold aisle, hot air enter hot aisle from back of the refrigeration.

Standard module design each unit can be individual installed, can also be connected with neighbor unit, easily to change. Convenient for installation and flexible to assemble;

Frame and cabinet horizontal connection to strengthen channel and make expansion easily;

Corrosion-resistance, Precision Processing, overall bending forming, high reliability contact measure, open element life test has done over 5000 times, safely durable no loose phenomenon, ensure the sealing air output.

Design of integrated control panel roof for cold channel, front of the cabinet through the top of the supporting beam installation, no gap leakage, ensure the sealing channel in the cold air, at the same time, reasonable design of location of the installation of smoke, temperature and humidity sensors used to detect the temperature and smoke in the channel.

Optional sizes and accessories to meet the flexible use of different occasions; 75% ventilation door meet requirement of server rack heat dissipation; cable entry on top cover and bottom panel convenient for onsite wiring;

Embedded side door and removable front rear door, perfectly meet requirement of different cold hot channel special sealing structure and accessories, so that cabinets and cabinets seamless integration, to avoid cold loos between the mounting profile and side panel can choose sealing pane which can completely prevent airflow. Optional air supply bottom sealing plate for cold channel at the bottom of cabinet meet sealing and adjust airflow;

Sunroof made of coated toughened glass of acrylic, fixed or automatic cascade are available options. Automatic cascade activity sunroof lock set kit with high-performance motor and self-lock structure. Provide smoke, temperature and humidity sound and light alarm and other security configuration. Provide emergency switched, cameras and other equipment installation location. Support fire system linkage;

The main roof consists of left and right side panels, top beam, automatic sunroof, seals, left and right side panels, and movable roof skylight locking mechanism, touch switch and electric wire. A touch switch is located in the roof inside, press the switch to open automatic sunroof, convenient for maintenance. The movable skylight area accounts for 68% of the skylight area, which can meet the requirements of lighting and firefighting. The roof side panel can install glass or shine panel

Door assembly is divided into two parts: the first component and the door assembly. The door assembly is mounted on the end of the two channel cabinet, door assembly with a sliding rail, a door body assembly is connected by rail and door assembly, open the door to achieve sliding function

The door assembly can be used for top rack support, door components can be installed on the sound and light alarm, cameras and other equipment.

Door components are left and right doors the door body is made up of special advanced aluminum profiles (column cross sectional area of not less than 810mm2, durable without deformation) Patent structure and high transmittance ( Transmittance greater than 99% ) Coated toughened glass door ( Observe the glass area accounted for 73% of the channel door)

The whole system shows luxurious beauty, seal around the door seal, to ensure the effectiveness of airflow containment.

dccac 007

Opening and closing structure of left and right push, basically do not need to occupy the room space. The locking structure of the access door can be selected by manual or automatic inductive access control system; open mode can be manual or automatic induction open.

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