Comply with ANSI/EIA, RS-310-D, DIN41491, PART1, DIN41494, PART7, GB/T3047, 2-92; ETSI standard.


  • Toughened glass front door with small round vented hole and arc-shaped door border with spring lock, three section vented plate rear door with round lock.
  • 19” standard installation, achieve the international standard for installation of the versatility of the parts, door interchangeability;
  • Assembled frame structure, assembled and disassembled shipment, Maximize save shipping costs;
  • Removable side panels, easy to install and maintain;
  • Various optional accessories, convenient and fast installation, efficient cabinet baying kit;
  • Adjustable feet and heavy duty castors are available at the same time, convenient to move or fix;
  • Ventilation area reach to 71% , can meet the requirements of heat dissipation;
  • Several lockable cable entry on top cover and bottom panel. Front rear door and side panel easy to install and remove, bottom ventilation and rat proof;
  • Various optional dimension and structure according to customer requirements.


Static load 1000KG


SPCC cold rolled steel; Thickness, mounting profile 2.0mm, mounting angle 1.5mm, others 1.2mm.


Degreasing, phosphoric, powder coated


Fixed shelf, fan unit, PDU, cable management, keyboard tray, blank panel.


Flat pack, each cabinet with 2-3 packages, 3 package for above 1000mm, 2 packages for lower 1000mm


  1. 2 frames are prior assembled
  2. Use bolts to connect 2 frames 4 pcs mounting profile and mounting angle. The cabinet frames is ready.
  3. Fix top and bottom frame and other accessories in the right position assembling.
  4. Install front and back door, side door.
  5. Complete assembly, test and adjusting