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For more than many years, MATRIX NETWORK POWER has designed and manufactured innovative enclosures, racks and related products to meet the needs of the telecommunications and data center markets.

MATRIX NETWORK POWER builds the strongest and most durable data center infrastructure equipment available using the finest materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. This quality and craftsmanship is complemented by a company culture that emphasizes flexibility and customer service.

MATRIX NETWORK POWER catalog features server cabinets, control console , wall mount racks, power distribution equipment network cabinets, high and low voltage power distribution cabinet, network monitoring and security equipment’s and other kinds of non-standard metal cabinet. By providing our customers with the utmost quality manufacturing, rich aesthetics and user-friendly features,

MATRIX NETWORK POWER is well known name in data center infrastructure products and developments.

MATRIX NETWORK POWER continues to grow along with the IT industry, applying its knowledge and experience to deliver data center infrastructure products that specifically assemble the needs of our customers.

MATRIX NETWORK POWER has professional teams of Engineers, Marketing, Technology, Stock, production and quality control which takes part from Manufacturing and in the customer’s project from start to end through its distributers. It makes sure the technical communication, sample setup, quality standard and timely delivery.

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